Donner 24 Bolton

  • Delivery time 45 min
  • Halal

Menu Donner 24 Bolton

At Donner 24, our classic restaurant type menu has many classic dishes that everyone will love. With our signature dishes like pizza and kebab takeaway, southern fried chicken, wraps and delicious breads, there’s a little something for everyone. If you love Burgers, classic pizzas or if you want to make your own, we can make it fresh for you. Our kid’s menu has even got something for the picky little eaters, like popcorn chicken and fries, 7” Margherita pizza and fries or a beef burger and fries, our signature dishes can satisfy anybody’s needs. If you’ve got a sweet tooth our desserts menu has delicious chocolate fudge cakes, hot apple pie and cheesecakes, perfect after one of our delicious kebabs. Our sides menu is loaded with cheesy chips, potato wedges, fries and onion rings. Try one of our donner kebabs or donner meat and chips. Our American hot burger with onion rings is one of our signature dishes, add a drink to it too and for later add some pie. Try one of our fishermen’s catches with chips, tuna and prawns. Better yet, try a little bit of everything on our awesome and satisfying menu and experience why our signature dishes are some of the most delicious in all of Bolton.

About Donner 24 Bolton

Our dedicated and talented staff at Donner 24 delivers the best quality and fastest delivery service in all of Bolton. We offer many ordering options with our website and our new, exclusive app which is now available for Apple and Android smartphones, and your delicious food will be on your doorstep before you know it.

We ensure that all of our dishes are made fresh and delivered to your door with the utmost speed and quality. You will love our signature pizza and kebab takeaway so call us today and see what the rave is all about.

Our huge, delicious menu has something for everyone. If you haven’t tried Donner 24 in Bolton, order today or stop in for our some of our famous takeout right now and let us know what you think! Your satisfaction is number one to us at Donner 24 and we love to hear your feedback to make sure we are doing everything we must to ensure that your dining experiences are always the best! We look forward to serving you today!

Restaurant location Donner 24 Bolton

Find us in Bolton at 2 Tickerford Road in Bolton Bl2 2LP. Our convenient, easy to access location makes all your takeout and delivery needs a breeze. Our delivery service covers much of metropolitan Bolton.

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